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Books by Wendell Jamieson

Wendell Jamieson loves newspaper stories. But sometimes you gotta go longer, bigger, richer. His two books have grown out of the two most important facets of his life: his love of family, and his love of New York City. He also had a hand behind-the-scenes in a couple of successful non-fiction books from major publishers.


Father Knows Less

September, 2007

Why is the sky blue? Why do policeman like doughnuts? What are testicles? Kids ask questions -- that's a fact. Wendell set out to find answers. Featured on The Today Show , Martha Stewart Live and Forbes.


New York By New York

October, 2018

Sprawling, towering, ever-changing and noisy with tragedy and comedy, New York is like no other city in the world. This new image-heavy book from top-flight Assouline Publications captures all the drama of New York's cultural and social changes of the 20th Century. With an intro from Jay McInerney. Featured in The New York Times.

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