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Wendell Jamieson

Writer, Editor, Storyteller, Communicator

I've worked for four New York City newspapers. From 2013 until 2018 I was Metro editor of The New York Times. I sought to capture all the drama, tragedy and comedy of living in this, what I believe is the greatest city in the world. But it is a place that is ever changing. Metro was known for major prize-winning investigations during my tenure.


I've also written books and numerous high-charting stories in The Times, from the miraculous and uplifting tale of a boy who was terribly injured in the early 1970s but went on to have a remarkable life, to an essay about how "It's a Wonderful Life" is actually a horror movie, to a comic feature about travelling abroad with my children. Many of my stories captured disappearing facets of working class Brooklyn as the borough gentrified in the last two decades.

"Paulina said what was on everyone's mind. 'Do they have unscented pork?'"

Wendell Jamieson


Wendell Jamieson Recommendations

“I worked with Wendell for about five years as a reporter on the Metro Desk. Echoing what others have said, Wendell’s brand of New York story — smart, amusing, often character- and dialogue-driven — set The Times's Metro report apart and inspired devoted readers. His love for good stories also made Metro an incredibly fun and exciting place to work. He welcomed ideas, and encouraged his reporters to find their voices in the digital realm (on the popular City Room blog and beyond) and in ambitious narrative features. His knowledge of New York City made him a confident editor who could approach the city with humor and insight—seeing the awesome story hidden in plain view. At the same time, when big news hit, whether it was a blizzard or a terrorist attack, there was no one better for the job. Wendell deployed his staff with energy and strategy, so that we could deliver top-notch coverage on day one, then come out with the definitive deep dive a week later, too.” - Annie Correal

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