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Wendell Jamieson with NewsPrime

The journalism sector is in crisis. Local news providers and content creators are struggling to stay afloat in a financial model that is ill-suited to the priorities of a digital age. At NewsPrime, we aim to create an interactive platform where high-quality journalism can not only survive, but thrive. Our site will carefully curate and vet local news stories to ensure that readers have access to only the best journalism — and no fake news. NewsPrime’s model has been specifically designed with the well-being of local news organizations in mind. Unlike other news aggregators, we direct the profits from out advertising back to our content producers so that they can continue to bring the best and brightest journalistic insights to our readership.

As NewsPrime’s Director of Strategic Alliances, Wendell Jamieson is responsible for outreach initiatives with local news providers. His work centers on building mutually-supportive partnerships with content creators and media organizations by explaining the potential benefits of joining. He also helps existing partners find ways to make their local stories interesting to a national audience or, in a best-case scenario, even go viral.

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